Employer Class Levels Employer Colleges Country Region How the found the internship In Person or Virtual Majors Number of students Paid/Unpaid Provider Program
Pareto Tree Junior Pareto Tree COE India Asia Other/Unknown In Person Biomedical Engineering 1 Unknown
KPMG Undergraduate KPMG COS India Asia Other/Unknown In Person Biology 1 Unknown
Global Engineers Limited Senior Global Engineers Limited COC India Asia Other/Unknown Unknown Computer Science 1 Unknown
Amazon Doctorate, Masters, Senior, Freshman Amazon COE, COC France, Germany, Japan, India, China, Ireland Europe, Asia GT Network, Company Website, Networking In Person Supply Chain Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Computational Science & Engineering 15 Paid
Rolls-Royce Corporation Senior Rolls-Royce Corporation COE India, United Kingdom Asia, Europe Networking In Person Mechanical Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering 2 Paid
Deloitte Senior, Sophomore Deloitte COE India, France, Costa Rica Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean Networking In Person Industrial Engineering 3 Unknown
Ernst and Young Senior, Sophomore Ernst and Young COE India, Thailand Asia Other/Unknown In Person Industrial & Systems Engineering 2 Unpaid
Intel Doctorate, Masters, Senior, Freshman Intel COE India, Malaysia, Taiwan Asia GT Networking, Job Search Engine, Networking In Person Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering 8 Paid
Microsoft Doctorate, Masters, Senior Microsoft COC, COE China, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom Asia, Europe Job Search Engine, Other/Unknown In Person Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering 12 Paid
Shell Sophomore, Freshman Shell COE India, Philippines Asia Networking In Person Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2 Paid
General Electric Senior, Junior General Electric COE India, South Korea Asia Other/Unknown In Person Aerospace Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 3 Paid