Employer Class Levels Employer Colleges Country Region How the found the internship In Person or Virtual Majors Number of students Paid/Unpaid Provider Program
India Institute of Science Doctorate India Institute of Science India Asia GT Network In-Person 1 Paid
Manmohan Minerals & Chemicals Pvt Ltd Masters Manmohan Minerals & Chemicals Pvt Ltd COE India Asia Networking/ Personal Connection In-Person Industrial & Systems Engineering 1 Paid
Teqsar Pvt Ltd Masters Teqsar Pvt Ltd COE India Asia Networking/ Personal Connection In-Person Electrical & Computer Engineering 1 Paid
Mahindra and Mahindra Senior Mahindra and Mahindra COC India Asia Job Search Engine In-Person Computer Science 1 Paid
Reliance JIO Platforms PVT. LTD. Junior Reliance JIO Platforms COE India Asia Previous Employer In-Person Computer Science 1 Paid
Pareto Tree Junior Pareto Tree COE India Asia Other/Unknown In Person Biomedical Engineering 1 Unknown
KPMG Senior KPMG COS India, Germany Asia, Europe Other/Unknown In Person Biology, Environmental Engineering 2 Unknown
Global Engineers Limited Senior Global Engineers Limited COC India Asia Other/Unknown Unknown Computer Science 1 Unknown
Amazon Doctorate, Masters, Senior, Freshman, Junior Amazon COE, COC France, Germany, Japan, India, China, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain Europe, Asia Job Search Engine In Person Supply Chain Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Computational Science & Engineering, Operations Research 20 Paid
Rolls-Royce Corporation Senior Rolls-Royce Corporation COE India, United Kingdom Asia, Europe Networking In Person Mechanical Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering 2 Paid
Deloitte Senior, Sophomore, Junior Deloitte COE India, France, Costa Rica, Tunisia Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean Networking In Person Industrial Engineering 4 Unknown
Ernst and Young Senior, Sophomore Ernst and Young COE India, Thailand Asia Other/Unknown In Person Industrial & Systems Engineering 2 Unpaid
Intel Doctorate, Masters, Senior, Freshman Intel COE India, Malaysia, Taiwan Asia GT Networking, Job Search Engine, Networking In Person Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering 8 Paid
Microsoft Doctorate, Masters, Senior Microsoft COC, COE China, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom Asia, Europe Job Search Engine, Other/Unknown In Person Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering 12 Paid
Shell Sophomore, Freshman Shell COE India, Philippines Asia Networking In Person Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2 Paid
General Electric Senior, Junior General Electric COE India, South Korea Asia Other/Unknown In Person Aerospace Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 3 Paid