Third Party Internships

What is a Third Party Internship Organization?

There are many organizations that will help a student find an overseas internship. These non-profits charge placement fees for the service and the fees vary depending on the structure, length, and location of program, as well as the level of support and amenities provided.

Why should I pay a fee to intern abroad?

Fee-based programs can be a good option for students who are looking for local on-the-ground support, social events with other student interns, cultural enrichment activities, and more infrastructure than you would have available when participating in an independent internship. These organizations usually assist you in securing reputable housing, and some even include housing and meals in their program fee. Another benefit of going through a fee-based program is that they can help you find a customized internship that matches your skills and interests.

Will I get paid on these programs?

Fee-based programs place students in paid and unpaid internships, depending on the program.

Recommended Providers

The following third party providers have been vetted and approved by the Global Research and Internship Program. Each of these organizations offer various internships that meet the Global Research and Internship Program’s requirements for hours, duration, and content, but before committing to any internship, you should talk with a GRIP advisor.