What year are you and what do you study?

Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering

Who is/was your employer?

Assistance for the Fortification of Social Organizations
Villa Allende, Argentina

How did you learn about your internship?

I looked through Georgia Tech's listed programs for volunteering abroad at: https://chhs.gatech.edu/taxonomy/term/26
IVHQ was the first website listed, and I looked through all of their programs to find the one that fit my goals for the summer. IVHQ partners with Assistance for the Fortification of Social Organizations (AFOS). AFOS is a non-profit, non religious, and non political organization that places volunteers at local NGO's in Cordoba, Argentina in order to support their missions and goals for social development.

What was the application process like?

The application process is fairly simple as this is a volunteer opportunity. I filled out an online form, submitted a criminal background check, and the program manager reached out to me quickly!

What were your major tasks or projects at this internship?

I worked as an assistant English teacher at an after-school tutoring facility. When the English teacher was busy, I would work individually with a child on their homework, help them study for a test, or practice their oral communication skills. I would create educational activities and prepare worksheets for the children to assist them in learning English.

Do you have any recommendations for Georgia Tech students looking to intern in the same company or country?

To work on this specific project, one needs at least an intermediate level of Spanish speaking proficiency. The organization offers Spanish classes as well, so I would take an hour of classes every other day to sharpen my Spanish skills.

Where did you live? Did you find accomodations independently or with your company's help?

I lived in a volunteer house with other volunteers working at different placements. The organization can also place you at a homestay with a family that lives in town.

How has this internship influenced your career path?

While I do not want to become a teacher, I do want to become a child psychiatrist, so this internship helped solidify my goal to work with children when I am older. While living in Villa Allende, I also worked at the local emergency care department and volunteered my time to stock supplies. Learning about the major differences in the health care system was invaluable and reinforced my desire to work in the medical field.

If paid, did the company you worked for pay you enough to live off of your salary or stipend, or did you have to supplement your income with personal funds?

The position was unpaid, however this opportunity was completely worth the experience! I met so many incredible people, and I learned so much by completely immersing myself in an entirely different culture.